Bar Lucia

Chateau Montelena

One of the most under-appreciated lessons of grape-growing is resilience: turning obstacles into opportunity. In 2012 we began the first phase of a comprehensive replant of the historic Montelena Estate vineyard. As vines were removed and new blocks planted, we were simultaneously filled with sadness but also hope for the future, especially in regards to our Zinfandel. But amidst that internal dilemma, we recognized an opportunity to create something wonderfully distinct and released our Calistoga Zinfandel in 2013, as the intricate expression of our vineyard and some of the most historic and well-regarded Zinfandel plantings in Calistoga. It’s been a remarkable journey peppered with plenty of 100 year old vines, new ideas in the cellar, and local heritage that culminates with the 2017 vintage.

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